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Welcome to WebGUI!

If you're reading this message it means that you've got WebGUI up and running. Good job! The installation is not trivial.

In order to do anything useful with your new installation you'll need to log in as the default administrator account. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Click here to log in. (username: Admin password: 123qwe)
  2. Click here to turn the administrative interface on.

Now that you're in as the administrator, you should change your password so no one else can log in and mess with your site. You might also want to create another account for yourself with Administrative privileges in case you can't log in with the Admin account for some reason.

You'll notice three menus at the top of your screen. Those are your administrative menus. Going from left to right they are Content, Clipboard, and Admin. The content menu allows you to add new pages and content to your site. The clipboard menu is currently empty, but if you cut or copy anything from any of your pages, it will end up there. The admin menu controls things like system settings and users.

For more information about how to administer WebGUI consider getting a copy of Ruling WebGUI. Plain Black Software also provides several Support Programs for WebGUI if you run into trouble.

Enjoy your new WebGUI site!