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Alion to Evaluate Effects of Human Performance on Weapon Systems

July 01, 2009 -- Alion Science and Technology has been awarded a contract valued at $5 million to support the Air Force 711th Human Performance Wing/Human Performance Integration Directorate for the evaluation of human performance factors on Air Force weapon systems.

The work, which falls under the Alion-operated Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center (MSIAC) contract, includes analyzing human performance on weapon system ability and readiness through the Air Force’s Human Systems Integration (HSI) program. HSI takes a human-centric approach to system design and acquisition to reduce lifecycle costs and optimize system performance. Alion’s work will help the Air Force measure performance and improve weapon systems.

Under the contract, Alion will provide HSI expertise, human performance modeling, systems engineering and analysis of human-machine interfaces. This will ensure that the warfighter is an integral part of weapon system design, integration, operation and performance.

“Alion’s specialized work will support the Air Force in development, application and documentation of new HSI tools and techniques,” stated Sue Archer, Alion Senior Vice President and Manager of the Operational Solutions Group (OSG). “The results will help the Air Force identify how HSI impacts weapon system capability, weapon system readiness and lifecycle costs.”

The period of performance runs through May 2011. The work is sponsored by the Defense Technical Information Center, ATTN: DTIC-AI, 8723 John J. Kingman Rd., Ste 0944, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5218.

DTIC serves the Department of Defense (DoD) community as the largest central resource for DoD and government-funded scientific, technical, engineering and business-related information available today. For more than 60 years, DTIC has provided the warfighter and researchers, scientists, engineers, laboratories and universities timely access to more than 2 million publications covering more than 250 subject areas. Its mission supports the nation's warfighter.

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